BVKA Membership

A person requesting full membership must be in good standing with the AKC, must attend at least two meetings and must participate in a licensed club activity (helping with agility trials or all-breed conformation and obedience/rally shows). He/she may signal the desire to join at any time by turning in an application for membership which has been signed by two club members in good standing, as well as signing the agreement to abide by BVKA’s Code of Ethics, which may be found on the About BVKA page of this website. The application packet is normally provided at the membership prospect’s first meeting. Following completion of all stated requirements, a vote of all members in attendance shall be held.

Benefits of full membership will include voting rights, the right to join committees or be elected to office if so desired, receipt of the club newsletter and participation in the annual awards banquet. 

Non-voting associate memberships are available for those persons who wish to be involved with the club, but are unable to attend the regularly held meetings or are unable to participate in the physical requirements for regular membership. Requirements for associate membership shall still include being in good standing with the AKC, filling out the application form and signing the BVKA Code of Ethics, sponsorship of two members in good standing and a vote of the membership, for which applicant need not be present.

Benefits of associate membership shall include receipt of the club newsletter, a warm welcome to any meetings or club functions that he/she is able to attend and participation in the annual awards banquet. 

Associate members may transition to full membership, if desired, at any time by completing the attendance and work requirements.

Junior memberships are available for persons age 9 through 17. Requirements for junior membership are the same as those for associate membership, plus signed approval of a parent. Benefits of Junior membership also are the same as associates. Junior members automatically become associate members upon turning 18. Or juniors may become full members, with all benefits, upon turning 18 and completing the same work and attendance requirements as full members.

All members, associte members, junior membrs, and guests are invited to the annual Club Banquet. Dinners will be paid by BVKA for all those who have worked club activities and shows or have served as a club officer during the past year.

Persons interested in visiting a BVKA meeting but who do not yet have sponsorship of a club member should contact us prior to attending to be sure the meeting is at the usual time and location, or for those interested in associate memberships, contact us for receipt of the appropriate application by email or usps.